Jimmy Buckley, country singer

He got stripes

Everyone’s googled their own name at some stage, either to find mention of themselves or some notable namesake. Apart from the Irish country singer Jimmy Buckley, and James Buckley from the Inbetweeners, I have one other namesake worth knowing about.
As a lover of everything World War Two, I was especially interested in the life of Lieutenant Commander James ‘Jimmy’ Buckley.

Jimmy Buckley was a bomber pilot for the Royal Navy during World War 2. During a bombing run near Calais in May 1940, he was shot down and captured by the Germans.



For a while this blog was relocated to jamesbuckley.ie. However I’ve decided to turn that into a portfolio site and move the blog back here. It’s been fairly inactive for a while, but I hope to get writing more (not least because Jordan Byrne has started blogging too).

The face of the Somerton Man

A few years ago I wrote a post about the so-called Tamam Shud mystery. It was one of my favourite posts, just because of the subject matter. It actually wasn’t that well-written at all, so I decided I ought to do it justice and rewrite the whole article. Also, some new information has surfaced since then.

All of the information and images in this article are thanks to the tireless research of Professor Derek Abbott (who runs a Tamam Shud Facebook page and wiki).

The Tamam Shud story begins on the 1st December 1948 when a man’s body was discovered in suspicious circumstances on Somerton beach, in the suburbs of Adelaide. He had no identification on him, and to this day nobody knows who he was. Despite seemingly going to great lengths to conceal his identity, he left a lot of strange and unexplainable clues.

This is a long and complex story (and all true), so you may want to get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable before we continue.

Ready? Alright, here we go…


(I spent about 10 minutes trying to come up with a title for this post using some sort of ‘election/erection’ joke. If you come up with one, let me know. There’s a prize for the best one.)

It’s election time! Our roads are littered with election posters, there’s constant debates on the telly, politicians suddenly send out “weekly newsletters” and pretend they’d be sending them to you all the time.

One notable letter I got was from Ivor Callely, informing me that he won’t be running for election this time.
The way I phrased that last sentence sounded as if he only told me.
He didn’t. It’s publicly known.
This isn’t an exclusive. Me and Ivor aren’t that close yet.

(For those who don’t know, Ivor said he lived in Cork and claimed travel expenses based on that even though he was living, and running a clinic, in Clontarf. He also claimed money for items bought from a company that shut down 8 years previously. His questionable claims add up to well over €80,000. Give him a wave next time you see him round Clontarf.)

Uncle Jamie’s Election Guide

For those of you living in Dublin North Central, here’s the dummy’s guide:


Apologies for the lack of updates recently (even though most of the people reading this are spambots).

First up, a stop-motion piece I made (with Ger, Eoin and Rob) for my Media Art & Animation assignment:

One night Eoin went out to town so, being the caring friends we are, we decided (who’s idea it was is subject to an ongoing enquiry) to move most of his bedroom into the front garden.

As soon as I get a chance, I’ll upload my video assignments and some selected photographic highlights from the music society trip to Edinburgh.

Goodnight internet, and good mental health.

I’m working on a short video about tattoos at the moment (hence the lack of updates to the site). My co-videomaker Niall sacrificed his arm and future job prospects for us to video him getting a tattoo.
This is the footage from out ‘tat cam’, which will make up part of the final cut.

My ‘Mario Star’ Tattoo from Niall Hewson on Vimeo.

With a holiday to save up for, and Christmas approaching, I decided today to be responsible with my money so I went into town and bought loads of stupid, useless crap.

Myself and Eoin needed to get some stuff for an upcoming stop-motion animation we’re going to do, which included several hundred Post-Its, two toy ninjas, and a spool of wire.

gorilla and squirrel

This isn’t the toy I bought, but it seems Squirillas are a recurrent theme

In the €2 shop we also saw a ‘Farmyard Play Set’ which contained a little plastic farmer, a tractor, an indeterminate animal with the body of a horse but the markings of a cow, and a zebra! In the end we decided to get a ‘Jungle’ themed set which had a gorilla and a squirrel (aka. the Squirilla). Eoin is playing with it at the moment, but I’ll put up a photo ASAP! One has to despair for the poor children growing up with these toys. They’ll grow up thinking zebras are a farm animal, cows are just differently coloured horses, and squirrels live alongside gorillas in the jungle (or perhaps gorillas live in parks with the squirrels?).

I really want to go back to the €2 shop to take photos of the crazy shit they’re selling.

We continued on to Game Stop where I told Eoin about a post on Donal Mulligan’s tumblr about the ‘Murder, She Wrote’ game, jokingly suggesting I’d buy it if Game Stop had it. Just to shut me up and put me in my place, God decided to place a copy of that very game right at the top of the stairs, and so I had to buy it (just to put God in his place).

I feel it is my duty to review the game for the education and enlightenment of my readers:



After the heavy Tamam Shud post, I feel I need something a bit lighter.